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OYS 25 Year Celebration

2012 saw the Oblate Youth Service pass the 25 year mark of service and work for those who are in need of it. Since 1987 the formation year of the OYS, many happy memories and stories have been created and shared among the hundreds of young people who have been part of the OYS at some stage over that time. 

At the beginning of 2012, a number of members of the OYS gathered together to discuss weather or not we should do something to mark the 25th birthday of the Oblate Youth Service, and we came to the conclusion that we would be mad to let the oppertunity to celebrate all that has been achieved pass. So acknologing the massive task ahead of us in terms of organising the event, the first thing that we had to do was set a date, and November 17th was settled on. Our goal was to extend an invitation out to everyone who has been involved with the OYS since day one. Not an easy task when you think about. No better men than Andrew Brady, Paul McGuire and Fr. Peter to go through old pieces of paper with names and address sqribbled on them with the old details of members of the OYS from the early days. This proved to be one of the hardest parts of organising the event, finding the people who we wanted there. But through the course of the year the guys worked away on this.

Come the week before Novembrer 17th, most preparations for the 25th Celebration were in place. Invitations were sent out via letter, text messege, e-mail, facebook and every other form of communication short of sending out pigeons. RSVP's were back in. The choir was rehersed. Food and wine was catered for. The Arus Nhuire hall in Inchicore was booked and the full media montage with photos from the 25 years printed and placed. We were ready to rock 'n' roll.

So the day of the 17th arrived and nerves were beginning to build among to organising comittee as we wondered would we actually get a crowd after all the hard work. But we needen't have worried as OYS members from over the 25 years young and old, began to stream through the doors of St Mary Immaculate Church in Inchicore. It was great to see the interest in all the photos on the walls from OYS years gone by, as everyone tried to find a more youthfull looking image of themselves from Lourdes group photos.

The day opened with Fr Peter Clucas celebrating mass with us which proved to be a wonderful reflection on all that the Oblate Youth Service had achieved thus far. After the mass we had a group photo taken of all who were in attendence. The food and wine reception in the Arus Mhuire proved to be a great oppertunity for conversation, and suddenly memories and stories were remembered and shared among new and old members.

It proved to be a fantastic day in the end and worked out exactly as the organising comittee had envisaged. To all who were able to make it, Thank You and we hope you enjoyed the day. Also a massive Thank You to all who sent their best wishes and were unable to make it due to various reasons, you wren't forgotten about.

Finally a massive thankyou to the organising comittee for the 25 Year Celebration. A huge amount of time and work was invested into making this event work. Andrew Brady, Paul McGuire and Fr. Peter went to every lenght to track down all who have been involved over the years to make sure they recieved an invite no matter where they are in the world today. Lisa McKee and Ciaran Doyle organised the food and wine reception in the Arus Mhuire Hall. Carla Simpson, Michael Lane and myself put together the media montage for the event. Declan Shanahan, PJ McMahon Lisa McKee organised the Mass Celebration. Eoghan O' Flaherty and Cathal Lee also sat on the organising committee and gave help and guidence where ever needed including sampling some of Lidl's finest wine offering for the event. Finally a massive thank you must be extended to Ruth Bennett, Ann Lynch and Fr. Peter Clucas who oversaw the entire organisation of the event.

Well it has to be said the 25th Celebration of the Oblate Youth Service was a great sucess and here's to another 25 years of fun, friendship and service to others for the Oblate Youth Serrvice.

The Author: David O' Donnell

Oblate Youth Service Member