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Irish Regional Committee Meeting, October 2015

The Irish Regional Committee met on 21st October, 2015 in the House of Retreat,Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore, Dublin.

Leo Philomin, Amy Kiernan, Brian O’Hehir, Dave O’Donnell, Padraig Corcoran, Enda Henehan, Dee O’Flaherty, Ger O’Halloran.

Andrew Brady, Shane Howley, Caoimhe Carroll

Irish Regional Committee Business

Oblate Irish Regional Meeting October 2015The Irish Regional Meeting were delighted to welcome Tomasz Maniura OMI from Poland to the meeting in Inchicore. The meeting commenced with an opening prayer and an update on Oblate Youth Service activities over the past few months.

All offices within the Irish Regional Committee had come to the end of their term and therefore they needed to be refilled via a committee vote. The newly elected officers are:

Chairperson - Ger O' Halloran

Secrtetary - Enda Henehan

Treasurer - Amy Kiernan

Irish Regional Coordinator - Dave O' Donnell

All offices are subject to a two year term except the role of the Irish Regional Coordinator which is a three year term.

Lourdes Update

Padraig Corcoran and Ger O' Halloran reported very positive feedback from the Oblate Youth Service experience in Lourdes and overall it can be considered a very sucessful year for the group. The extra training provided for those on the morning shift recieved a very positive responsive. The numbers expressing interest in returning to Lourdes next year with the group are very positive.

World Youth Day Update

Padraig Corcoran provided an update on the plans for the Oblate Youth Service traveling to World Youth Day in Summer 2016. The Oblate Youth Service will be in Poland from 20th July to 3rd August to participate in the World Youth Day celebrations in Kraków. There is to more promotion drive for the World Youth Day trip through the Oblate Youth Service website and social media platforms.

Local Projects & Faith Development Update

Enda Henehan, Dee O' Flaherty and Amy Kiernan are to work alongside Padraig Corcoran in organizing the 2016 Faith Friends project. The provisional dates for the Faith Friends project in the Inchicore parish are 7th, 14th and 21st April. Padraig Corcoran is to confirm dates for the Faith Friends project in St. Michael's parish.

The Irish Regional Committee agreed that it would be a good idea to organize a 'Post Lourdes Reflection Day'. A date for this event will be set at the next Irish Regional Committee meeting.

The Oblate Youth Service will provide a helping hand at this years 'Oblate Sale of Work'. 12 - 15 Oblate Youth Service members will be required over the two days of the event which takes place between 14th - 15th November.

Social & Fundraising Committee

The Irish Regional Committee took the decision to wind down the 'Social & Fundraising Committee' and take on the work that it was responsible for. Social and fundraising activities for the Oblate Youth Service will now be run through the Irish Regional Committee.

The Irish Regional Committee set Saturday, 30th January, 2016 as the provisional date for the Oblate Youth Service Reunion. The details of the event will be discussed at the next Irish Regional Committee meeting.

Lourdes Guest Reunion Update

Brian O' Hehir provided feedback on the 2015 Lourdes Guest Reunion. He suggested that the Irish Regional Committee should come up with a couple of new ideas for the programme of the day and change things around a little. Brian confirmed that he is happy to remain involved in the organization of the 2016 Lourdes Guest Reunion with the assistance of another Oblate Youth Service member.

Date for Next Meeting

Wednesday, 9th December 2015


The Author: David O' Donnell

OYS, Irish Regional Coordinator