Oblate Youth Service Projects

Lourdes Guest Reunion - Ireland

Our Annual Guest Reunion always promises to be a great day that provides a great opportunity to spend time and catch up with our guests from the Lourdes pilgrimage. Each year our guests look forward to this day. The reunion usually takes place in Spring and we usually have 90-100 attendees on the day.

House Decorating - Ireland

As the Oblate Youth Service has grown over the years it's become obvious to longer standing members that a huge pool of diverse talents exists within the group. The Oblates have traditionally based themselves in areas of greater social need and as such there is little shortage of tasks which could be tackled within the parishes. A list of needs and possible volunteering opportunities was compiled by the OYS Irish Regional Committee and circulated among members and one of these was the idea of home decorating for people who maybe did not have the funds or wherewithal to tackle the tasks themselves.

Faith Friends - Ireland

Faith friends is the coming together of schoolchildren who are making confirmation and members of the community to share their knowledge, wisdom and experiences of being part of the Church. It is a learning and growing experience of both the children making confirmation and those who are seen to be helping them on this journey of faith. Over three nights we discuss their faith and belief, how they belong to the Church community and what gifts and fruits confirmation gives us. As a faith friend we are able to teach them outside of the classroom about their faith and discuss in an informal and fun way about things like the Holy Spirit.