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Oblate Youth Summer Camp - Wales

Since 2011, members of the Oblate Youth Service have gathered in late July/early August in Blue Peris, Caernafor, North Wales for the annual OYS Summer Camp, where we welcomed over twenty 12-14 year olds who spend the week taking part in action packed activities whilst at the same time developing faith.

This event always proves to be a great week full of activities such as rock climbing, river rafting and walking through the coal mines deep under the mountains. The evenings are spent by allocating time to focus on faith through various different methods such as prayer, group work and spending some time on reflection. Each year its amazing to see the effect the week has on the teenagers as they return home from a week of making friends, self challenge and faith building. And its not just the teenagers who feel the benifits from what is always an exhausting week..

If you wish to get involved with our Oblate Youth Summer Camp in 2016, please contact:

Padraig Corcoran
Oblate Youth Worker Ireland
(+353) 01 4531 660
Ronan Lavery
Oblate Youth Worker UK
(+44) 020 7624 7296

For more information on the Oblate Youth Summer Camp 2016 visit: http://www.oblateyouthservice.com/events/oblate-youth-summer-camp.html