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Volunteer in Lourdes 2022


Why Volunteer in Lourdes in 2022

Traveling to Lourdes as a youth volunteer has changed many lives. This is an incredible experience for anyone aged 17 - 30. The Lourdes experience has the potential to shape young lives. Young volunteers will return with a very different outlook on life. Over the 30 years that the Oblate Youth Service has particpated in the Anglo-Irish Oblate Lourdes Pilgrimage, we have witnessed young people experiencing profound personal and spiritual growth and we have seen quite a number of people finally discover their career path in the care sector. The strongest of friendships have formed, both within the Oblate Youth Service, and with the patients we have cared for. On a more practical level, involvement with the Oblate Youth Servive in Lourdes teaches many key skills for later in life including, responsibility, reliability, team work and interpersonal skills. The list is endless. 

Lourdes Volunteer 2017The Role of a Volunteer in Lourdes

As Oblate Youth Service volunteers in Lourdes, we are tasked with a number of responsibilities during a working day. These include helping with the transport of sick pilgrims from the Accueil (hospital) to various ceremonies. Assisting sick pilgrims at mealtimes. Bringing sick pilgrims into Lourdes town, for coffee or souvenir shopping. Performing various duties in ceremonies, such as carrying candles, flags or other items. Looking after sick pilgrims, their personal belongings, clothing etc.. And spending time with the sick, in conversation.

Travel Details and Requirements for Lourdes 2022

If you wish to volunteer in Lourdes during September 2022 with the Oblate Youth Service, you must be able to meet the following criiteria:

  • 2017 Volunteer in LourdesBe available to travel between the 16th-23rd of September 2022
  • Be aged 17 or over on the date of outward travel.
  • Have paid the cost of the trip in full before date of travel (Cost includes: return flights from Dublin/UK; all bus tranfers; 8 Nights full board accomodation in Lourdes including lunch).
  • Submit to respective Garda/Police Vetting processes.
  • Complete and return all relevant application forms.
  • Attend the mandatory induction/training day in August.
  • Accept and agree to respect the Catholic nature of the pilgrimage and must be willing to attend the ceremonies as required.
  • Agree to submit to the authority of the management structure in place for the duration of the trip.

The trip is subsidised by the Oblates and costs more than charged. There is no profit made on the trip.

2022 Contact Details to Volunteer in Lourdes

If you are interested in volunteering in Lourdes during September 2022 with the Oblate Youth Service, please use the contact details below for Ireland and the UK.

Volunteer in Lourdes 2017IRELAND & UK
Pádraig Corcoran
Oblate Youth Worker
St Michael's
52b Bulfin Road
Dublin 8

youth@oblates.ie / youth@oblates.co.uk

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